Microsoft warns its users against using Internet Explorer

Chris Jackson, Microsoft's chief architect of cybersecurity, says loud and clear in a new publication entitled "The dangers of using Internet Explorer as a default browser."
 Microsoft wants us to stop using Internet Explorer forever.

After ending this browser nearly four years ago, Microsoft is now clarifying some details about what is currently happening with the browser that has been the most widely used in the world. First, according to the company, Internet Explorer is no longer a browser, and we should not use it as a default setting and should move as soon as possible to a modern browser.
Today, Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10 is the only version that receives Microsoft support, but beware, as explained by Chris Jackson, this browser is not updated with new web standards and although it may work well in most sites, now Internet Explorer Is currently a "compatibility solution" and should not be called a browser.
Interestingly, "Jackson" just mentions that you should go to a "modern browser", but he does not mention any of them in particular.