Young man hacked SIM cards and stole millions of dollars in encrypted currencies

Joel Ortiz is the news this week. As he was convicted for the first time in the world for the crime of penetrating SIM cards and stealing large-scale encrypted currencies.

The 20-year-old university student stole more than $ 5 million, mostly from petechine but also from other types, using SIM penetration techniques.
After reaching an agreement with the prosecution, he will be sentenced to 10 years in prison, on March 14 when he will be sentenced. He may be the first convicted of such a crime on a global scale.
The young man was part of a group of hackers specializing in penetrating SIM cards that were arrested, all of them succeeded in thefts exceeding the limit of one million dollars, was also arrested Xzavyer Narváez on charges of stealing a million dollars, and also got "Nicholas Truglia" several million, "Joseph Harris" on the booty amounted to more than 14 million dollars.