Earn more than $ 40 a day in less than an hour

If you have a smartphone, you have a great opportunity to earn respectable amounts, ranging from $ 30 a day to $ 60, depending on your efforts. All you have to do is create at least 10 gmail accounts, but the more accounts you have, the more revenue you will have.

Go to the platform where you will find a link below the topic and register for it. You will then be able to get a large list of applications from Google Play and App Store. We will focus on Android applications only and pay the money, because there are paid offers for you The process we will explain after a while and provide you with the same service, and the process is simply download the application and experience on your phone and then take screenshots and re-sent to the site to make sure that you actually tried the application, then go to the main application page in google play and write review contains All keywords desired by the owner So you will have added to your balance the simple pre-agreed amount, which does not exceed $ 4, and for a larger amount you will now rely on other Gmail accounts, just re-upload the same scanners, but it is better to upload different screenshots that you have uploaded previously. You are recognized. Then re-type the same review you wrote the first time using the other gmail accounts, making only a few minor changes each time. The more you have more accounts the higher the amount you will earn. As a last note all these transactions You will need to be in the hidden browsing mode so that no bass is detected Khaddam cookies that you are the same person repeat the same operations, and this will be blocked permanently on the site.
Stages of registration:
After entering the site that we will leave you a link below, click on sign up and fill in your personal information and do not forget to activate the option to earn in priority as shown in the pictures below.

After completing the registration process and confirming your e-mail, you will be greeted with this interface. Select "review android apps" to get the applications that you pay for uploading and review.

This application pays you $ 4 for the task. You can, as we said previously, repeat the same stage ten times and so you will be able to win $ 40 in a short time.

SITE LINK : Reviewlancer